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Mission Statement

The mission of The Brooklyn Theatre Arts Project is to provide a creative forum for the development of new works, the cultivating of artists of all ages and the enrichment of the larger community.


      The Brooklyn Theatre Arts Project will foster the creative spirit of its members and community by providing a space that is supportive of developing original, challenging and experimental works.  To this end, writers and directors will be invited to workshop their projects and preview works in progress.  


      In addition to original, innovative works, The Brooklyn Theatre Arts Project will feature new faces.  The space will function as a home for local artists seeking to produce and improve their own works and hone their personal skills.  It will also be available for established groups that require an independent venue. 


      For the larger community, neighborhood, borough and city, The Brooklyn Theatre Arts Project will seek to provide the opportunity to attend and participate in the theatrical arts.  This experience should not only aim to entertain but enlighten and challenge.